Projekt Project Title:
Winter Games What Winter Can Do Winter: What I know about it…

Project Goal:
The core of the project is to observe and analyze natural prhenomena, observe winter nature and the life of birds in this season.
Other Goals:
The development and use of all senes
Getting practical skill suitable for the age
The development of cognitive skills (problem solving using experiments)
The awareness of people being the part of living and non-linving nature
The elementary awareness of natural environment and its diversities

Project Contents:
The whole project is aimed at children being introduced to the surrounding world in winter. It includes all parts of the General Education Program and uses experiential learning. The project lasts one month and is concluded by a presentation: an outdoor festivity together with parents. It is mainly aimed at the life of birds – how we can help birds to survive winter – bird feeders, bird food. Next in the project we develop the factors that influence the life of birds – ice, snow, cold, and they are followed by experiments.

The making of the bird feeder
Bird food – bird salami, tallow balls, nut cones, peanut chains
Experiments with water – examining the state of water – ice, steam, water, freezing the water, evaporation of water, discovering the properties of water
Drawing on the snow
Building and decorating snowmen
Making paths in the snow using feet – creating labyrinths
Making “Angels“ in the deep snow
Exercise, music and dramatic games

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  1. Well done! We are doing something similar, adapting the activities to our own circumstances: there is no snow nor ice to play with.
    We investigate how to defend ourselves from the cold (clothing and housing), how to get food in the wild in winter, how to make fire using flint. That is, we learn how our ancestors lived in the Stone Age. We complete the project all dressed up as prehistoric people to celebrate Carnival.


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