Today we went to the forest to look for fruit and autumn leaves. We took Krtek and Coty with us and built a house for squirrels. Coty liked it! We found chestnuts, acorns, hazelnuts, mushrooms ... and Trenti's house (Trenti is a little elf, very fast, a little naughty and very difficult to see)

Hoy hemos ido al bosque a buscar frutos y hojas de otoño. Llevamos a Topo y Coty con nosotros y construimos una casa para las ardillas. A Coty le gustó! Encontramos castañas, bellotas, avellanas, setas... y la casa de Trenti (Trenti es un pequeño duende, muy rápido, un poco travieso y muy difícil de ver)




Apple pressing

Apple pressing went well for us this year. Although there were less apples on the trees this year the children had the opportunity to pick an apple and turn it into juice with the help of our ranger, Jes.

Exploring ice

We have been learning about ice. We put some water in the freezer and observed the changes. We then used the blocks of ice as ice bergs in our water tray with our sea creatures. It didn't take long to melt! The next day we looked at ice pops before and after they went in to the freezer. The children very much enjoyed eating them!



El pasado miércoles, los niños-as de infantil de 4 y 5 años nos fuimos en autobús con nuestras profes a la playa de Liencres para jugar con el viento y la arena. Nos acompañaron también 21 maestras de infantil europeas: inglesas, suecas y checas. Estamos trabajando en un proyecto Comenius y este trimestre el tema a trabajar es el viento. Dimos un paseo por el bosque hasta la playa y allí repusimos fuerzas con agua y galletas. Después jugamos con la arena, pelotas, telas, cometas,... Lo pasamos fenomenal e hizo un día estupendo. Saludos desde infantil.

On Wednesday, 2nd. October, 4 and 5 years-old children went by bus with our teachers to Liencres beach to play with the wind and sand. We had 21 extra European preschool teachers: English, Swedish and Czech. We are working on project this term and the main theme is wind. We took a walk through the woods to the beach and there wwe had some water and biscuits. Then we played with sand, balls, clothes, kites, ... We had a great time and the weather was perfect. A great day for Krtek and Coty, too. Greetings from Spanish children.