Today we celebrate Halloween at school. We share some time reading stories, decorating the school, cooking, dressing up and going "trick or treat". It was very funny... and a bit scary!


Autumn in Sweden!

 Today all our 5-year-olds took a walk to the forest.We have been looking for chestnuts that we collected and took with us home to the school. 
 When we go for a walk, we use our fine yellow vests.
At the end of the stay, we ate fruit, apple and banana.

Look at all my chestnuts.


walk to school week at truro nursery school

Many parents walked with their children from the town and we also took part in a hosted walk where 2 members of staff met parents and children at the church and walked to school from there.  We also walked around the garden as part of walk to school week.


Walk to School Week

This year we have borrowed road safety equipment from our local road safety office. We had a zebra crossing, pelican lights, a lollipop and dressing up clothes. The children particularly enjoyed the traffic light (pictured).