Winter activities outdoors

At Truro Nursery School we have been on treasure hunts around the garden and have been learning how to light a camp fire safely and we toasted bread and marshmallows on the fire.

Krtek at Christmas time

When baby Jesus could not be found in the nursery, Krtek came to the rescue!



These days our little ones are very busy preparing celebrations and trying to behave very well to deserve the Xmas. presents. They have to wait for them for quite a loooooooong time, because the Three Wise Men, the Magic Kings, don't arrive to their homes until January 6th. In the meantime they sing carols and ask for sweets, as you can see here.


The snow brings us new ways of learning!

The snow has fallen over Sweden and with snow comes play!

The kids love to ride "pulka" (sledding or toboggan in english) or "stjärtlapp" (Bumslider).

So the snow brings us exellent ways of Healthy Early Years Playful Science.

Sledding is not quite the accurate term, but it's the only translation we can find.

We say "åka pulka" in Swedish.

Bumsliding, or "åka stjärtlapp" as we say in Swedish!

Making Snowangels!

We also had another one of our station hours this week!

At the left we're playing "Under hökens vingar kom" wich is a swedish game where you'll avoid getting caught by the hawk as you run to the other side.

The snow is our canvas!

Trevlig helg! - Have a good weekend!