Sunny autumn

We had a great day and Krtek helped Manuel, the head teacher, to roast chestnuts for all of us. Last week we had another sunny-funny Thursday to celebrate Halloween. 



Today we went to the forest to look for fruit and autumn leaves. We took Krtek and Coty with us and built a house for squirrels. Coty liked it! We found chestnuts, acorns, hazelnuts, mushrooms ... and Trenti's house (Trenti is a little elf, very fast, a little naughty and very difficult to see)

Hoy hemos ido al bosque a buscar frutos y hojas de otoño. Llevamos a Topo y Coty con nosotros y construimos una casa para las ardillas. A Coty le gustó! Encontramos castañas, bellotas, avellanas, setas... y la casa de Trenti (Trenti es un pequeño duende, muy rápido, un poco travieso y muy difícil de ver)




Apple pressing

Apple pressing went well for us this year. Although there were less apples on the trees this year the children had the opportunity to pick an apple and turn it into juice with the help of our ranger, Jes.

Exploring ice

We have been learning about ice. We put some water in the freezer and observed the changes. We then used the blocks of ice as ice bergs in our water tray with our sea creatures. It didn't take long to melt! The next day we looked at ice pops before and after they went in to the freezer. The children very much enjoyed eating them!



El pasado miércoles, los niños-as de infantil de 4 y 5 años nos fuimos en autobús con nuestras profes a la playa de Liencres para jugar con el viento y la arena. Nos acompañaron también 21 maestras de infantil europeas: inglesas, suecas y checas. Estamos trabajando en un proyecto Comenius y este trimestre el tema a trabajar es el viento. Dimos un paseo por el bosque hasta la playa y allí repusimos fuerzas con agua y galletas. Después jugamos con la arena, pelotas, telas, cometas,... Lo pasamos fenomenal e hizo un día estupendo. Saludos desde infantil.

On Wednesday, 2nd. October, 4 and 5 years-old children went by bus with our teachers to Liencres beach to play with the wind and sand. We had 21 extra European preschool teachers: English, Swedish and Czech. We are working on project this term and the main theme is wind. We took a walk through the woods to the beach and there wwe had some water and biscuits. Then we played with sand, balls, clothes, kites, ... We had a great time and the weather was perfect. A great day for Krtek and Coty, too. Greetings from Spanish children.


Return to the past

Objective: To provide children with the information about the development of science and

technology and its impact on the planet earth

Main idea: The first step was to return to the past and to teach children about the former way of life,

ie. without a PC, TV, washing machines, electrical appliances, cars, phones ....


- making paper royal crowns

- making paper knight - shield

- dressing up  in period costumes

- discussions about pictures and books on this subject

- The Middle Ages game - behavior and manners of that time

- trip to the castle with a demonstration of life in a castle in period costumes, dancing, games, duels

in the park


Krtek in the forest.

Krtek in a big tree.

Today have our 3-and-4 years old children went to the forest. They have collected stones.
Back in the preschool have they painted the stones like "Ladybags". Krtek like to paint.



Happy summer holidays!!! Whatever the weather...



Los niños-as de 3 años estamos viendo en nuestras clases cómo evolucionan nuestros gusanos de seda. Han crecido mucho y algunos han hecho ya su capullo. Estamos muy contentos e ilusionados con estos bichitos que viven en nuestras aulas y estamos deseando que se conviertan en mariposas. Saludos desde infantil. Three year-old children are seeing in our classes how our silkworms evolve. They have grown and some have already made their cocoon. We are pleased and excited about these bugs that live in our classrooms and we look forward to see them becoming butterflies. Greetings from children.



At Truro Nursery School, we have had our willow hedge trimmed which left us with a pile of long willow lengths.  We have been practising our skills with tools by doing some whittling.  We have had to learn how to use the tools carefully and safely. 



What can we learn in the water besides to have great fun?
Some essential concepts such as FLOAT, SINK, WET, DRY, WARM, COLD, IN AND OUT...
The swimming pool was wet, of course... and so was the weather outside. It's been raining for more than three weeks now. Where is the SPRING? Do you know where the Sun has gone? If any of you see it, please tell it we are missing its light here in Spain!



Thank you so much to our wonderful hosts Christina and Hanna for a terrific and successful visit last week. Thanks also to the whole group for great collaboration. We look forward to the next one! Helen.


Forest schools

At Truro we have been doing forest schools activities with Mrs Oakes. Every week we are finding out about the environment. This activity was a 'treasure hunt' of nature. We were looking for different types of trees and seeds.




At the farm we ride on a horse cart, pick up eggs, feed the animals, see the baby animals, make douhg for cakes, plant lettuces... After so much work we are always hungry. A day at the farm is a great day!



Ayer los niños-as de 4 años nos fuimos de excursión al parque de la naturaleza de Cabárceno. Nos hizo un día estupendo y lo pasamos genial viendo los animales. Hicimos un taller de huellas de animales con unos monitores y después comimos el bocadillo y jugamos en el parque. También vimos la actuación de los leones marinos y Aroa tuvo la suerte de pasear en barca.

Yesterday  4-year-old children went to Cabarceno nature park. We had a great day and had a great time watching the animals. We did a workshop about animal footprints with monitors and then we ate our sandwiches and played in the park.  We also watched a sea lions performance and Aroa was lucky boating.



Comenius Newsletter 4 by jefaturat


Newsletter Comenius Project 3 by jefaturat


Newsletter Comenius Project 2 by jefaturat


Newsletter FinalComenius Project 1 by jefaturat


El 2 de mayo celebramos el Día de las Artes, con Música, Pintura, Danza, Cine y Literatura. Fue un día fantástico y divertido, aunque la fuerte lluvia nos impidió salir a pintar al aire libre. On 2nd May we celebrate the Day of the Arts with Music, Painting, Dance, Cinema and Literature. It was a fantastic and funny day, although the heavy rain prevented us from going out to paint outdoors. In the classroom we listened to "The Spring" by Vivaldi, but outside the temperature was 8 degrees and it was raining cats and dogs. We went to the auditorium to listen to the older kids playing the violin, piano, guitar, oboe ...It was great!



On the 23rd. of April we celebrate our Book Day, because it's said that on that day, many years ago, Shakespeare and Cervantes died.
We listened to stories, swapped books and read in the open air. Finally we sang songs and danced all together. It was great fun!



Los niños de infantil 5 años ayer aprovechando el buen tiempo, salimos al patio en compañía de nuestro amigo el topo para realizar una actividad al aire libre: pintar unos murales de primavera. Disfrutamos mucho con el buen tiempo. Pero hoy... otra vez llueve!
En la clase Krtek posó para los retratos que hicimos.
Here you can see 5 year-old children enjoying the lovely weather yesterday; we went to the playground in the company of our friend the mole for an outdoor activity: painting some spring pictures. We really enjoyed the fine weather.  But today ...it's raining again!
In class Krtek posed for the portraits we made



After so many long days of chilly winter-like weather, today the sun shines in the sky and it is warm and not too windy, just a delicious breeze. So we decided to have our mid-morning snack in the open air. What a picnic! we shared our fruit with our friend Krtek who liked it a lot.


The spring in sweden!

We are looking for the spring in the nature. Here with Krtek and his Swedish friend Pigge

 What is happening to the ice on the pond water when the sun shines on??

It melts and becomes water.
The children love to play in the water.  

Time to eat.
We do fire and grill sausages. 
We welcome the spring and sun!!


Finally the spring is here and we are able

to spend even moore time outside!

For example, the woods is perfect for doing math with all your senses

 Here the kids have found one thing for every   finger they have on their hand etc.

Here they've found sticks that are as long as their feet!

These fallen trees is perfect for a pirateshipgame!
                                       The kids had to work together for not loosing their balance.

The trees can also be dragons or a horse!

And sometimes its just fun to climb!
And why not build a bridge with fallen branches?


Outdoors at Camborne Nursery this term

Camborne Nursery School Spring Term 2013

Planting bean seeds-" |I need to take my gloves off, I can't pick them up!"

Camborne Nursery School

We have been exploring a range of weather conditions this term by investigating patterns and prints in the snow, splashing in muddy puddles and planting beans and vegetables to grow in our raised beds. Have a look at our photos above. 2013.