On the 23rd. of April we celebrate our Book Day, because it's said that on that day, many years ago, Shakespeare and Cervantes died.
We listened to stories, swapped books and read in the open air. Finally we sang songs and danced all together. It was great fun!



Los niños de infantil 5 años ayer aprovechando el buen tiempo, salimos al patio en compañía de nuestro amigo el topo para realizar una actividad al aire libre: pintar unos murales de primavera. Disfrutamos mucho con el buen tiempo. Pero hoy... otra vez llueve!
En la clase Krtek posó para los retratos que hicimos.
Here you can see 5 year-old children enjoying the lovely weather yesterday; we went to the playground in the company of our friend the mole for an outdoor activity: painting some spring pictures. We really enjoyed the fine weather.  But today ...it's raining again!
In class Krtek posed for the portraits we made



After so many long days of chilly winter-like weather, today the sun shines in the sky and it is warm and not too windy, just a delicious breeze. So we decided to have our mid-morning snack in the open air. What a picnic! we shared our fruit with our friend Krtek who liked it a lot.


The spring in sweden!

We are looking for the spring in the nature. Here with Krtek and his Swedish friend Pigge

 What is happening to the ice on the pond water when the sun shines on??

It melts and becomes water.
The children love to play in the water.  

Time to eat.
We do fire and grill sausages. 
We welcome the spring and sun!!


Finally the spring is here and we are able

to spend even moore time outside!

For example, the woods is perfect for doing math with all your senses

 Here the kids have found one thing for every   finger they have on their hand etc.

Here they've found sticks that are as long as their feet!

These fallen trees is perfect for a pirateshipgame!
                                       The kids had to work together for not loosing their balance.

The trees can also be dragons or a horse!

And sometimes its just fun to climb!
And why not build a bridge with fallen branches?